About OpusLegal

OpusLegal was founded by Amy Kawa Posner, Esq. in response to the unmet need for accessible, affordable and compassionate legal services for the arts community. It is a client-centered, technology-driven law office serving artists and arts organizations throughout New York State.

What is A Virtual Law Office?

A virtual law office is a law office that operates remotely. It provides all of the same services as a traditional law practice without the expensive overhead of a brick and mortar office.

Why Should I Use a Virtual Law Office?

Using a virtual law office is an efficient and eco-friendly way to do business. The cost savings that come from working remotely are passed along to you through reduced fees and flexible payment options. Time and resources are conserved by meeting with your attorney via video conference and accessing your documents through a cloud-based portal. Your attorney is more accessible, thereby creating a closer and more collaborative relationship with you.

Why Should I Choose OpusLegal?

When it comes to finding suitable legal assistance, there are very few options for artists and arts organizations . Document preparation services can be cost-effective, but lack the personalized attention of a knowledgeable, arts-focused attorney. Pro bono organizations can provide wonderful resources to clients, but are often inundated with cases. Traditional law firms usually charge more for services so that they can cover their overhead expenses. OpusLegal fills in these gaps.

Founder Amy Kawa Posner, Esq. has over twenty years of professional experience in the arts as a performer, educator and administrator, and she has been a licensed attorney for nearly a decade. Through her unique experience, Amy has a holistic understanding of arts-related legal issues and approaches her work with empathy, diligence, and compassion. Learn more about Amy here.

What Types of Clients Do You Serve?

Because it is a virtual law office, OpusLegal is able to reach a broader, more diverse clientele throughout New York State. Arts organizations and artists from any discipline – music, dance, theater, film, design, the literary arts and the visual arts – are welcome to contact OpusLegal.

What Kind of Work Do You Do?

Because it is a virtual law office, OpusLegal only handles transactional matters. Currently, the office is focused on nonprofit formation, incorporation and governance, and estate planning for artists (wills, powers of attorney, health care proxies, living wills). Depending on the scope, OpusLegal also may be able to draft or review contracts and assist with intellectual property registration.

How Much Does It Cost?

OpusLegal is committed to transparent pricing. Your initial 30-minute consultation with Amy Kawa Posner, Esq. is free, and all fees thereafter are discussed in detail before any work begins. Flat fees are charged for most services; reduced fee hourly services and flexible payment plans are also offered.

Is it Secure?

All communications with you are conducted over a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with AES 256-bit encryption, and your information is transmitted securely and confidentially through Clio Connect – an encrypted, cloud-based client portal. Clio is the industry leader in legal technology. You can learn more about their security protocols here.

How Do I Get Started?

Get in touch with OpusLegal to schedule a free initial consultation. There are several ways you can do this:
1. Click the button below, or
2. Fill out the online contact form, or
3. Call: 646.827.2446, or
4. Email: amy@myopuslegal.com